COMSAM ( Confederation of Conferences of Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar )

COMSAM ( Confédération des Supérieurs Majeurs de l’Afrique et du Madagascar )

Justice, Peace and Integration of Creation


Executive Committee, Regional and National Commissions


Accompany the concrete mission of the Consecrated at the service of the Church and the people of Africa and Madagascar


  • propose the harmonisation of strategies at the continental level
  • Reinforce the contact with Regional and National Conferences
  • Participate in activities already programmed by the Regional Conferences
  • Initiate collaboration with other networks


  • visits and encouragement by the members of the Executive Committee assigned to the Region or on some occasions by the President
  • Enter into contact with the headquarters of AEFJN and collaborate with its antenna in Cameroon
  • Organise a Continental symposium once in the three years preceded by Regional and National Congresses

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